Ireland’s first patient portal for general practice

What is a patient portal? It is a website designed specifically for patients through which patients securely log in and view their own health information. Through a portal they can view and book appointments , view results, order repeat prescriptions and message their healthcare provider as well as have access to their billing.

Why should Irish GP’s think about providing a patient portal? First and foremost because it enhances patient engagement. When you engage your patients this has the potential to lead to better health outcomes and better health outcomes is what healthcare is all about.

The universal problem that all practices have is the telephone. This is a communication bottle neck. Who has the time to play telephone ping pong for results – this can take days. And that is if your patients can get through to your phoneline in the first place. Adding more phonelines is not the answer and it is expensive. A patient portal facilitates patient doctor communication and communication is at the heart of general practice.

Providing a portal for your patients ensures that their healthcare is personalized. It is patient centric. A patient centric approach strengthens the bond between patients and their GP. It provides a structured approach for patients managing their health problems. It allows patients the means to take better ownership of their health and moves away from paternalistic type care. Most patients are primed for the adoption of patient portals. Give those patients who have the ability to self-serve the facility to do so. For them it is faster, more efficient and easier

With the easy sharing of information it empowers patients and doctors and brings general practice right into the 21st century.

It’s time to marry the humanity of general practice with technology and leverage this inexpensive and wide-reaching technology to engage your patients. The movement has started and it is growing.

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