Ireland’s first patient portal for general practice

Patient Portal

Ireland’s first patient portal for general practice

Are you wondering what a patient portal is and why Irish GP practices should consider implementing one? A patient portal is a secure website designed exclusively for patients to access their health information conveniently. Patients can log in, schedule appointments, check test results, order prescription refills, communicate with their healthcare providers, and even manage billing – all in one place.

But why should Irish GP’s embrace the idea of providing a patient portal? The primary reason is that it significantly enhances patient engagement. Engaging patients leads to better health outcomes, which is the ultimate goal of healthcare. One common challenge that all medical practices face is the telephone. It often becomes a bottleneck for communication, leading to prolonged waiting times for test results and prescriptions. Patients may struggle to even get through to the clinic on the phone. Adding more phone lines is not only costly but also inefficient. A patient portal effectively addresses this issue by facilitating direct communication between patients and doctors, placing communication at the heart of general practice.

By offering a patient portal, GP practices can personalize healthcare for their patients, making it patient-centric. This approach strengthens the bond between patients and their GPs, providing a structured way for patients to manage their health issues. It empowers patients to take greater ownership of their health, moving away from a paternalistic model of care. Most patients are ready to adopt patient portals, as they find it faster, more efficient, and easier to access health information and services.

With seamless information sharing, patient portals empower both patients and doctors, bringing general practice into the 21st century. It’s time to combine the human touch of general practice with technology, harnessing this costeffective and widely accessible tool to engage patients. The movement has already begun and is gaining momentum. For more information on how MyClinic365’s patient portal can benefit your practice or to request a demo, please contact the MyClinic365 team at Embrace the future of healthcare today.