Cancel Culture

Alison has a doctor’s appointment. She can’t make it, she has to take care of a family emergency that day. She rings the clinic but she cannot get through. It’s 9am and her appointment is at 11.30am. She leaves a voicemail and hopes that someone will call her back. Her appointment time comes and goes. She gets a call back in the afternoon.

Meanwhile at Alison’s doctor’s clinic the demand for appointments is very high. There is a que of people at the desk requesting to be seen. The phone is ringing constantly. Alison’s appointment slot could be put to good use but not on this occasion.
Sarah is a patient at another clinic. She is getting ready for work on Tuesday morning at 8am. Her phone beeps with a reminder from her GP surgery . She has an appointment booked at 11.30am. But she can’t make it . She has a really important meeting at work. She logs into the patient portal provided by her GP and cancels her appointment.

At Sarah’s surgery her appointment is given to a patient who is acutely unwell with abdominal pain.

Patients DNA their appointments for a multitude of reasons : they forget , they are too unwell , they have an ill family member, they felt better, they had trouble getting off work , the appointment was not at a convenient time or they were on holiday.
The national DNA rate in Ireland is 15%.. When patients DNA for an appointment it is both hugely frustrating and very costly. Most patients know that it is now very difficult to obtain a routine appointment with a GP or nurse. Every DNA is another patient’s appointment denied.

The good news is there is a simple, effective solution to minimizing DNA’s and the impact on your clinic. First send reminders and second provide a patient portal. Interested in learning more about our approach to DNA’s and cancellations? MyClinic365 has been developed by a GP for GP’s so that practices can work smarter not harder. It is available without the commitment of a long-term contract, on a simple monthly subscription. As they say, seeing is believing so we strongly recommend a brief online demo. For further details please contact the MyClinic365 team at