MyClinic365 helps you manage your practice better and faster, by syncing and integrating everything in one intuitive platform.

Experience enhanced practice management with MyClinic365, streamlining your workflow for greater efficiency. Our intuitive platform seamlessly syncs and integrates all your practice needs, from appointment bookings and patient triage to secure payment processing and messaging. Say goodbye to over-reliance on the telephone and regain full control of your practice with MyClinic365.

Management Software for Health Care Practitioners

Select your practice and discover how MyClinic365 will benefit and optimize your practice, reducing admin work and no-shows.

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Schedule a complimentary demo with our skilled professionals and unlock the full potential of MyClinic365’s seamless integration into your practice. Experience firsthand how it optimizes your business operations, minimizes administrative tasks, and offers a multitude of additional benefits!


MyClinic365 Features

Advanced Self-scheduling
  • Uses conversational chatbots
  • Communicate across all channels – (telephone, mobile, social media and web)
  • Removes the hassle of finding the right time to call and telephone tag
  • Less time spent on the phone
Diary of Appointments
  • See all clinicians working
  • Check patient arrivals
  • View patient bookings
  • Review cancellations
  • Assess completed appointments
  • Access the waitlist
Calendar Features
  • Organise multiple locations
  • Sleek and clean layout
  • View daily or weekly
  • Quick toggle
  • Colour coding
  • Universal roster control
Bespoke Scheduling Rules
  • Your practice has complete control
  • Fine-tuned rules scheduling system
  • Customizable appointment types
  • Set staff service hours and time off
  • Get your patients to the right appointment
  • Video Consultations
  • Log of all patient visits
  • Auditable information trail
  • Invoices and payments
  • Simple,secure and easy to use
  • Waiting Room
  • Mobile friendly
Payments Portal & Security
  • stripe integration
  • Receive prepayments
  • Create invoices
  • Chase overdue payments
  • Take cash at point of sale or online
  • HIPAA compliant. ISO 27000
Patient Communication
  • Secure messaging and chat
  • Sharing of information without ever picking up the phone
  • Save staff making phone calls
  • Access to complete patient conversation history
  • No apps or downloads required
Appointment Reminders
  • SMS and email reminders
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Customized with pre-appointment instructions
  • Easy for patients to confirm or, cancel and reschedule
Automated Wait Lists
  • Patient opt-in
  • Instant notification when an appointment becomes available
  • Keeps your practice’s schedule full
  • Keeps your patients in the loop
Team Workflows
  • “To Do”  list and white board
  • Boost team coordination and collaboration
  • Communicate effectively within your team
  • Measure practice performance
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