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MyClinic365 provides a number of dashboards and reports to help you better
understand how your practice is performing. These dashboards cover a wide array
of important metrics regarding appointments, payments, staff and patients. To get
started click on the Dashboard link in the sidebar to see a full list of available



In the Schedule dashboard a time range can be selected to show how the practice
has performed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It can be used to see how busy
the practice will be throughout the day or see how many appointments have been
made for the days ahead.
As well as reporting on total appointments, the report can also be used to show the
demand for a specific service or practitioner, giving you a better understanding of
where resources should be prioritised.

Missed Appointments

Missed appointments, either through cancelations or no-shows, can cause
disruption and be a major drain of resources in your practice. This dashboard
reports on missed appointments, showing you information on all that have occurred
in a specific time range. When used with the Most Frequent DNAs dashboard this
can give you a view of what patients may be likely to cancel or forget their appointment.



At a glimpse the Revenue chart lets you see how your practice has been performing in the past week, month or year. The chart can be refined by selecting a specific payment option.


This chart displays the total amount of money which is outstanding to your practice. In conjunction with the more detailed By Patient report this can be used to keep on top of and follow up on overdue payments.

 By Patient

This powerful report allows you to get an overview of payments made to your practice by patient. Quickly see total payments, refunds and outstanding payments by patient. Select “Unpaid” from the status dropdown to show all patients who owe your practice money and what the outstanding total is, or search for a specific user with the search box to get their payment details.

Individual patients can be clicked on to bring up a more detailed payment history. This can be useful if needed for their own financial records or to follow up on outstanding payments.



Todos Open/Completed

This report allows you to follow up on the completion of tasks assigned to members of staff, showing which tasks have been completed and which are still open as well as allowing you to filter by specific members of staff and task status.



Most Frequent DNAs

For a given time period check on cancellations and no shows grouped by patient, by service or by practitioner.

Most Used Services

By knowing what your most in demand services in your practice are you can see where resources need to be focused or assess if other areas are under performing.

Most Frequent Patients

Allows you to see who the most frequent visitors to your practice are for a given time period.

 SMS Usage

Report of all SMS useage for the time period selected by total useage and by patient.

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