MyClinic365 Portal – Patient User Guide

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Patient Portal

The MyClinic365 patient portal has been developed to try and provide patients with the most seamless experience possible to book, cancel, update, and pay for appointments.

Using The Portal

There are 2 ways to access the portal:

1) By going to a practice specific portal. This will be through a booking link on the practice website.
2) Go to


All users will need to register before they can use the portal. To register first click on the login button (top right of screen)

Once the login screen opens click on the “Sign Up Here” link in the login page and follow the steps.


If your on a mobile device then you need to click Register as patient.

MyClinic365 Portal Registration Mobile Devices

Registration is very simple and again you have 2 options:

1) Register with email
2) Register with mobile number

As part of the registration process, you will be sent a 6-digit verification code. This will need to be input to confirm your registration.
Once you have confirmed the verification code you will now be able to make appointments with your practice(s).

Registration Scenarios

There are a number of scenarios that you may encounter:

1) Registered with email address and are told by the system there is no profile in the practice found for the email address you have used to register. Practice closed to new patients.

The system will ask you to try and verify your mobile#. If the mobile# also fails then you will get a message to contact the practice if you think you are already registered as a  patient of the practice.
The practice will need to correct your email address and/or your mobile# in the system. Once it has been confirmed that the details have been updated you will need to log out and log back in to the portal. If you don’t log out and log in then your profile won’t be found.

2) Registered and found your profile but don’t see expected family members.

Again you will need to contact the practice and ask them to update the email address and/or the mobile# for the family members you wish to manage

3) If you are not a patient of the practice but they are open to accepting new patients then after successful registration you will be offered the opportunity to create a profile(s).

Booking an appointment

Once logged in you will be presented with services. Select the service you wish to book. You will then be presented with the availability within the practice for the service selected.

If the dates shown do not suit then you can move availability forward by clicking the forward arrow. It shows availability in 5 day segments.

If there is payment required then you will be presented with the payment screen.

Booking for a member of your family

After successfully logging in, click on your name (profile) in the top right corner.

From here select “see all profiles“. Select the profile that you wish to make or update appointment for.

Once you have the correct profile selected then follow the normal booking process.


Updating/Cancelling an appointment

You can cancel, update or download the appointment receipt from your profile. Select the correct profile you wish to view the  appointment for.

To do this, click on your name (profile) on top right and make sure you have the correct profile selected. If not, click on see profiles and select the correct profile.

Once you have the correct profile selected then go to “My Appointments“. From here you see your upcoming appointments and past appointments.

You can also reschedule upcoming appointments, cancel the appointment or view receipts if a payment has been made.

View and Select Clinics

You may be a patient of multiple practices. For each profile you can select the practice you want to book with by going to “See my clinics“.

From here select the clinic you wish to make an appointment with or the clinic where you want to manage appointment bookings.


You should always logout once you are finished using the portal. To logout click on your name in the top right and click on “Log Out“.