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MyClinic365 Remote Patient Home Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring in Primary Care

Unlocking the Potential of Remote Patient Monitoring in Primary Care

The realm of remote patient home monitoring is experiencing rapid growth in the healthcare landscape, driven by an aging population and the rising prevalence of chronic illnesses. Thanks to the integration of AI in medicine, remote patient monitoring has reached unprecedented levels of accessibility and effectiveness. Today, general practice clinics can equip patients with home monitoring devices, capable of real-time tracking of vital signs and health metrics(1). This empowers physicians to maintain closer tabs on their patients’ well-being, intervening promptly when necessary.

One of the foremost advantages of patient home monitoring lies in its ability to empower individuals to manage their own health. Patients can utilize these devices to monitor crucial indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate, and more, all from the comfort of their homes(1). This proactive approach allows for the early identification of potential health issues and facilitates preventative measures to curb their progression.


AI in Medicine

AI in medicine has emerged as a pivotal player in remote patient home monitoring. Machine learning algorithms can sift through vast datasets generated by these devices, detecting patterns and trends that may signify underlying health concerns (1). This enables healthcare providers to intervene proactively, delivering more personalized care to their patients.

Additionally, remote patient home monitoring yields cost-saving benefits. Timely identification of potential health issues allows doctors to avert expensive hospitalizations and other intensive medical interventions(1). Patients, too, can enjoy cost savings by reducing unnecessary visits to the doctor’s office or emergency room.


MyClinic365’s Commitment to Enhanced Care

At MyClinic365, we recognize the paramount importance of remote patient home monitoring in elevating the standard of care offered by general practice clinics. Thanks to the integration of AI in medicine, remote patient monitoring is now more accessible and effective than ever. By empowering patients to assume greater responsibility for their health and facilitating early detection of potential health concerns, we can elevate patient outcomes while concurrently curbing healthcare costs.


MyClinic365 and LaCasa Partnership

In alignment with this mission, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with La Casa, a spin-out company from UCD. La Casa leverages AI and machine learning models to anticipate and preempt health issues from escalating into crises.

MyClinic365 LaCasa Care

We’ve recently started a pilot with La Casa in primary care producing some promising results for both carers and patients. All linked to the MyClinic365 Patient Portal and the MyClinic365 Practice Management System. More to follow in due course.

1: Deep Learning-Based IoT System for Remote Monitoring and Early Detection of Health Issues in Real-Time