The way forward – Proactive Calendar Management

General practice is getting busier and busier. Over 29.1 million consultations take place in Irish general practice every year. Now more than ever we need to be able to manage as many patients as possible without increasing stress on staff. MyClinic365 provides a powerful tool kit for managing your practice, hence improving the patient and staff experience.

Patient care is paramount. To provide a fair and equitable service to our patients it is  essential that  appointments are used correctly. Good business planning will allow a practice manager to determine exactly what a practice day will look like. What type of appointments and how many of each type are needed daily or weekly to achieve a reasonable practice income balanced with a reasonable service level for patients. This means fine tuning your calendar for each practitioner from health care assistant to nurse to doctor.  Once they are mapped out you must ensure that these appointments are used correctly and as planned.

It means planning when patients with hypertension or a chronic disease will be reviewed as well as ensuring that there is time in the day for those who are acutely unwell like the man with chest pain or the toddler with tonsillitis or the elderly lady with the UTI.

With technology it is possible to have complete  control over your calendar for the benefit of both the practice and patients.

Proactive calendar management means that every appointment is used appropriately. All targets are met.  With automation there is no extra work for administration staff rather administration staff now have time freed up for more valuable tasks such as dealing face to face with patients or any emergency that may arise in the course of the day  as well as making sure the post is sorted and that all STC or other claims are processed in a timely manner.

Computers have long replaced quills and scrolls.  Moore’s law is the principle that the speed and capability of computers can be expected to double every two years, because of increases in the number of transistors a microchip can contain. An admin can only deal with one patient at a time.

With MyClinic365’s technology there is no limit.

Simply put, it enables a practice to achieve much higher productivity and substantial time savings while delivering a much better service to patients and crucially at the same time, it reduces the burden on practice staff.

It is now in daily use in scores of practices.

Practice Managers, admin staff and GP’s (and not forgetting patients) all have reported a positive experience and with a better bottom line for practices.

So, what next?

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